We plan for our clients...


Needs analysis: Together with our customers, we collect existing data, consider which requirements for restructuring and new buildings, or new purchases of technology etc. are available or need to be created. In some cases, a generational change needs to be considered, a review of the existing infrastructure in terms of economy and ecology, and much more.

Concept: We provide our clients with our decades of theoretical and practical experience in order to develop concepts that are sustainable - both economically and ecologically - successful and focus on the social needs of our clients. This applies to 'traditional' agricultural operations as well as composting facilities, permaculture systems, agroforestry systems, etc.

Preparation of plans: We prepare all necessary plans either in-house or with our partner companies, as well as with our customers' partners.

Submission plans: Submission plans must be legally sound, which is why our many years of experience and expertise (in agriculture and compost management) are an important safeguard for our customers. After all, all plans and submission documents must comply with applicable law.


Financial planning: Depending on the situation and requirements, we work with our clients to develop financial plans - which can either relate to ONE investment project and/or be geared towards a global, longer-term business development. We also support our clients in situations that can be financially tricky, such as generational changes, farm restructuring, conversion from conventional to organic farming, etc.