Measurement technology


CO2-Meterfor gas measurement in composting
For quick and easy checking of the carbon dioxide content of composts.

With the help of a special lance and a hand pump (rubber ball), the air is pumped from the centre of the compost into the measuring cylinder. This is filled with a special liquid that absorbs the carbon dioxide from the air drawn in.
This process causes the red liquid in the measuring column to rise and displays the carbon dioxide content as a percentage. The measuring accuracy is ± 0.2 % by volume.


The new G1791 thermometer with Bluetooth function is used for more precise and faster temperature measurement and also enables real-time transmission of the measured data to your smartphone. Thanks to its robust and waterproof design, it is possible to measure in liquids, soft plastic media, air or gases and a wide variety of other surfaces and objects.

You can find more information here: thermometer G1791 manual english 462.8 KB


KMQS is a newly developed software that facilitates the management of a composting site. The collected data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the KMQS, where it can be analysed and thus quality assurance can take place.  The software also offers the decisive advantage that the data can be called up anytime and anywhere.

Details on the software can be found here:: KMQS bochure german 3.3 MB