U.R.S. Landmanagement - United Research for Soil

Consulting, Planning and Project-Management in Environment, Agriculture and Industry

We are specializing in custom designed concepts, which are scientifically sound, field-proven and economically successful.

Our clientele covers a broad spectrum, which requires a specifically designed product for each client. Our work spectrum reaches from large scale projects, where throusands of hectares of land are redeveloped (or decontaminated), all the way to small scale family farms with very specific needs, to governments that ask our support in the development of new legislation, or a company that contracts to us for the development of a turn-key composting facility, etc. 

A substancial and important part of our work during the recent years has been the development of a quality assurance system for Austria (together with ARGE-Compost & Biogas Austria) and Switzerland.

Our participation in different standards commissions allows us to optimally combine the demands of the practicioner of compost/agriculture and the legislative, and to support the development of a legislation that utilizes practical knowledge and considers the needs of the practicioner.




Our Consulting Services 

Our consulting work covers a broad spectrum of expertise in the areas of agronomy, composting, ecology and the protection of environment and climate.

The core of our consulting work is to ensure a prosperous future, by furthering soil fertility.
Even though our consulting work guarantees increased yields and profits, on the short term as well as longterm - the essential goal of our work is to establish a balance between all involved parties and factors, which are economy, ecology, health, social aspects and ethics. All of these factors interact in a successful enterprise and ensure for its members a creative, content, healthy and fruitful life.

In our practical consulting work we combine our 40 years of practical experience , our know-how in management and business, and our theoretical knowledge based on our scientific education and research.
We support our clients in the decision-making processes optimal for their needs and accompany the implementation.