Mikrobial Preparations and Inocula


Liquid SESO and solid SESO

Liquid SESO is a microbial product that is used for preservation of organic matter and prevents putrefaction. Liquid SESO consist of several groups of microorganisms: bactteria, including lacid acid bacteria, yeasts and photosynthetic bacteria, ect. and is used in many ways.  
Fields of use: agriculture, home and garten, animal husbandry, temporary storage of organic wastes ( which should not putrefy), wastewater treatment, ect.

Solid SESO contains the same microflora as liquid SESO and is therefore used in similar applications. The difference to  liquid SESO is simply the consistency of the product, being dry and flaky. Therefore no additional moisture is added to the material being treated. Solid SESO is the perfect solution in the preservation of kitchen waste.



Pfeiffer-Lübke-STARTER is a microbial product containing a wide variety of aerobic microorganisms.
Pfeiffer-Lübke-STARTER promotes rapid degradation of organic matter yet keeping losses to an absolute minimum promotes the formation of high-quality humus. Therefore it is ideal for application on soils and in composting.

With Pfeiffer-Lübke-STARTER organic substances ( such as green manure, crop residue, ect.) are decomposed within a very short period of time and simultaneously transformed into humus, which prevents putrefaction in soils. In addition, soil is enriched with carbon and as a consequence it works against global warming. The positive side-effect of this process is the accumulation of carbon in soils, thues turning them into carbon sinks.

Pfeiffer-Lübke-STARTER furthers the rapid decomposition of organic matter yet prevents the loss of nutrients and promoting high-quality humus formation. This formation of humus is beneficial to the 'soil-whole' and makes compost application for more suitable.

The application of STARTER promotes the formation of stable humus and the tieing in of nutrients. 

Application rates for soils:
  1 unit = 30 gr for 1000 m2
10 units  = 300 gr for 1 ha
50 units = 1500 gr for 5 ha

Application rates for compost:
  1 unit = 30 gr for 1 m3
10 unit = 300 gr for 10 m3
50 unit = 1500 gr for 50 m3
(a compost windrow with 50m length is usually about 75m3)